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¥1,100 ¥2,500
¥1,100 ¥2,500

Pink Bunny 6oz Bath Bomb

¥1,000 JPY

Fresh Citrus creates a shimmering lift for this sensual Vanilla based scent.  A Romantic floral bouquet at the heart of the fragrance inter wines with fresh green tones and rich Patchouli.  The vanilla signature at the base of the scent is balanced with soft musk and warmed by exotic woody tones for lingering sensuality.   Yes, it moisturizes and cleanses your skin, but the ingredients it contains will also soothe and pamper it.


 INSTRUCTION: As your shower hits your bomb, take a moment to inhale its intoxicating fragrance. It'll begin to foam in your hand; scoop up a bit and smooth it all over your skin as you revel in its restorative powers. Once it's done, wash it away, towel off and enjoy your lightly scented skin.

INGRIDIENTS: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Mica, Isopropyl Alcohol, Cream Of Tartar, Slsa, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance, Apricot Oil Distilled Water, Polysorbate 80.