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5100 kr
5100 kr

Vanilla Rose Jelly Face Mask

10800 DKK
4 oz

A Beautiful Scent of Vanilla with Rose Water makes you feel like you are in a field of Roses.  By the way we can't forget about these great ingredients that makes your Skin feel firmer, Thicker appearance, Skin aging prevention for 25+ and Rejuvenating intense care for 40+.

INSTRUCTIONS: Thoroughly clean and dry your face. Dip brush into jar and scoop desired amount. Spread evenly over face, avoiding eyes and lips. Wear mask for 10-15 minutes, for best results you can leave it overnight.  

INGREDIENTS: Jelly Rose Mask, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Distilled Water, Vanilla Water, Asparagus Extract, willow Bark Extract, Dl, Panthenol, Green Tea Liquid, Preservative.