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We are Bubbly Bath and Body, a small but motivated Company from south west Florida.  That specializes in Skin Care products that are Natural and Plant derived.  I want to give you a product you can trust that isn't harmful for your skin.  We believe passionately in great Prices and excellent Service.  Which is why we commit to give you the best of both.

The way I started was, I wanted to give my kids a Product that I know wont put toxins in their body and to promote Healthy skin. Therefore I have created this business because of them and Because the quality of life for everyone around us.  

If you’re looking for something more Natural and if you're just like me and trying to make more Healthy conscious decisions for you and your family.  Please Join us in our groundwork to improve on what we put on our bodies.  

A special thank you to my Biggest supporter and the love of my Life (B.M).  Thank you for taking this Journey with me…