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Hemp Deodorant

€795 EUR

DESCRIPTION: Lavender- Lavender is very soothing and calming scent.  Lavender encourages thoughts of serenity.  Its floral and sweet scent.  I has herbal notes with a balsamic undertones. Coolspring- This scent has Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Cedar wood and oak scent that men will  favor.  Shampoo Bars are gentle.  Bergamot-   Citrus bergamia Essential Oil.  

BENEFITS: Hemp deodorants may help the pH balance in your body so your armpits and other sweat points are bacteria-free and smell pleasant. Hemp deodorants minimize unpleasant body odor and enhance your body's natural scent. Natural you, after all, is beautiful! Hemp deodorants don't clog sweat glands.

 INSTRUCTIONS: Hold product momentarily to skin to soften on contact with body heat. Gently apply a small amount to underarms.

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, shea butter, pola wax, hempseed oil, karanja oil, apricot oil, arrowroot powder, DE diatamacoues earth, kalion clay, essential oil or fragrance oil.